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Our Vision and Mission


Our mission is twofold:

To train and release an exceptional breed of students, entrepreneurs and employees who are excellent both in work and conduct, with absolute integrity and great practical skills; and to offer excellent, professional and friendly services without compromise in quality to our community, nation and globe.

To transform the family arena restoring back its glory as the basic unit of a nation by providing instruction, guidance, counsel and information that restores sanity, sacntity, unity, communication, love and respect in the family unit.


  1. Produce a generation that is able to perform and does not need to seek a job.
  2. To produce people with integrity and character.
  3. To live exemplary before our students and /or clients in speech and conduct.
  4. To train with professionalism and high integrity.
  5. To produce books, movies and other materials that have a cutting edge.
  6. To release a team of workers with great skill and knowledge yet with an amazing humility that does not despise humble beginnings.
  7. To produce family related information that fosters the well-being, strong relationships and trust in families 
  8. To provide very affordable and but extremely excellent and effective services and products


Everest Gauge Uganda and its affiliates offer the following services among others:

  1. Tutoring
  2. Digital Book Publishing
  3. Editing Services
  4. Training Services
  5. ICT services
  6. Video/Audio recording Services
  7. Counselling
  8. Past Papers
  9. Academic Reference Information




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