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Hello my tutor....that computer course helped me a lot because while at university in first year, we had a course document production, I scored the highest because I knew everything! It was also an added advantage while seeking a job

~ Aine Esther ~ Mulago Referral Hospital - Computer Literacy graduate

Everest Gauge has helped me a lot. I was in the lowest group in the Math class. Now I am in the middle class in just 2 months. My score adjusted from 30% to 75%. Recently I took an interview for st. Andrews Turi that I had failed before without them. I passed this time. I will be joining in my year 8. They also give me a lot of counsel besides the academic work ~ Ethelbert . U ~ Nigeria [Comment from Facebook Page]

Being tutored by Everest Gauge has been very helpful. I improved in many subjects (English, maths and all the three sciences - Biology, Chemistry and Physics). It has been a great and fun experience. Good teachers with good knowledge and understanding of subjects.

~ Arsema. A ~ Year 9, Ethiopia. [Comment from feedback and Facebook Page]

I wanted to start my own business. I was presented with the easiest way of learning. I met my expectations. I rate them 10/10.

~ Sheik Adnan S ~ - Computer Literacy, Graphics Design, Cinematography, and Web Design graduate, Uganda

Am a IGCSE student. I have tutors in ICT and MATHS from Everest Gauge. I was weak in my ICT and MATHS but now I have improved a lot and have good understanding in the concepts am learning.

~ Vanessa .N ~ Nigeria [Comment from Facebook Page]
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