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Primary Academic Content

Primary schools usually take in children from the ages 5 through to 11. Most have two sections - the Infant and Junior or lower and upper primary. The infants reffered to as Key Stage 1 in the UK system range from age 5 to 7. The Junior age range reffered to as Key Stage 2 is from age 7 to 11. In countries like Uganda where they are grouped by classes instead of age, Primary 1 to Primary 3 make up the lower Primary while Primary 4 to Primary Seven make up the upper primary. The year groups at primary School level in UK are: Year R (Reception)  to year 6.  KS1 SATs are done in year 2 and KS2 SATs in year 6. In PLEs take place in P.7. In the US the use of grades is considered rather than years or the word primary. The primary level in this case stops at grade 5.  The notes provided in this section are for both the National and International Curricula. They include notes, videos, worksheets, exercises and tests. Please select the appropriate required fields and choose the action you want. Make sure you start by choosing the academic level. Have a great time!

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